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Welcome to the official website and clubhouse of existing and future Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FlexFuel Vehicles, or FFVs) owners or people that really care about their economic, environmental, and energy security.

Are you ready to take control your energy destiny and protect your right to product choice in the market place

National FFV Awareness Project

Be a part of something great.

Do You Have an FFV

You can participate in the Florida FFV Awareness by joining us at the FFV Rally during the IndyCar Race week.

Here is a three minute primer to get you started (you can listen or read its all about choice).

Today you can do something that will create choice and competition in a gasoline-only market place and help you and your country reduce its dangerous addiction to oil-based transportation fuels.

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FlexFuel Vehicle Club of America was created to educate using Driver Education Course and mobilize the millions of FFV owners and concerned consumers trying to change Americas energy future by using more renewable transportation fuels. Your leaders heard your call for action and put you back in the drivers seat with a national renewable fuel standard. We want to help you take advantage of this historic opportunity. According to Merrill Lynch the increased production and use of ethanol lowered gasoline and crude oil prices by 15% last year! The free market has been freed again and your return on the national renewable fuel standard is already paying off! The United States is already producing more ethanol than we import from Iraq or Venezuela!

Are you ready to support those who are helping you protect your energy, economic, and environmental security, and many of our national freedoms

National surveys show the majority of Americans are concerned about the environment, but they are also concerned about energy and national security, defensive driving course, the economy, their financial security, the stock market and their 401K, war, their childrens future, and the continuing turmoil over oil reserves located in the Middle East. While others just complain about the lack of progress and want to fight over a shrinking finite supply of world crude oil supplies, FFV Club members are focused on replacing gasoline and imported oil TODAY with existing automobiles and alternative fuel production technologies in the marketplace we dont have to wait for anyone any longer. What are you waiting for and who do you think is going to help you

Call them what ever you like Flex-Fuel, Variable-Fuel, Dual-Fuel but they all can run on up to 85% ethanol at anytime, any blend rate and are under full warrantee.Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) is the official term used in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 which was designed to increase the production and use of renewable transportations fuels in our country. Some very noble organizations just focus on environmental protection without much regard for other very important and related issues including consumer limitations (not everyone can afford a Prius or afford a Hybrid) economic impact (job creation) or our national security (88% of the worlds proven oil reserves are in the Middle East).

Driving Safety Course Online Texas Course teaches how to save feul in your vehicle

Why buy an FFV and use E85

After 30 years of research and development, ethanol production and use has been proven to be an effective public policy and successful alternative fuel. This proven success is in spite of the constant media attacks and intense political debate from those trying to protect status quo and keep competing fuels out of your neighborhood. Owning an FFV and using E85 immediately puts you in control of your energy destiny and improves the legacy you leave our next generation. How The U.S. Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and the president signed it on December 19, 2007. This new bill moved the 30-year complain and blame debate from does America really need alternative fuels and the chicken and egg whine from what should come first the alternative fuel or the alternative fuel vehicles right into your hands and those of every driving consumer. Its now up to you. If FFV owners dont take action the country may head backwards. You are back in the drivers seat, so dont put consumer choice in reverse!

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Ethanol is not perfect, it is not the only answer, and it just the beginning of developing new technologies that will lead to more successes. The United States has 230 million vehicles on the road and it will take nearly 20 years to change them all to be more efficient or burn alternative fuels. There are only 10,000 electric cars and 50,000 natural gas vehicles on our roads today. With great success, Toyota has sold 1 million hybrids --since 2000. With 8 million FFVs on the road we can achieve a lot more energy security success at a faster rate, with more diverse benefits. Our website can help you learn more.

If you have an FFV, or if you are going to buy and FFV, you hold the key to Americas energy future. By purchasing an FFV and using higher than 10% blends of ethanol, or E85, you will help unlock the treasure chest that holds the $500 billion dollars consumers now send out of our country to buy imported crude oil and gasoline. Are you committed to leaving a great legacy of good jobs, cleaner air and national freedoms The FFV Club will prove once again that consumers always have the final say when it comes to public policy and what sells in their neighborhood stores including your local gasoline station. Do you want higher blends of ethanol and E85 near you Our website can help you.

How will you know you are making a difference

We can count the ways! The number of FFVs sold, jobs created, barrels of oil saved, biofuel plants built, tax dollars saved, and the number of FlexFuel Vehicle Club members like you who care enough to know and then act with social and moral responsibly. We have all heard those famous words many times Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Today, owning an FFV and using E85 is What you can do for your country and yourself.